Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Black Art Project Discontinues Posting to Its Current Blog


Black Art Project (BAP) has ceased posting its blog articles. Although, articles will no longer be added to the Home Page, we will continue to update the page focusing on Select Art Exhibitions in 2018Those posts appearing on the following pages of the BAP Blog: Home, Booklists, and Museum Collections will remain accessible as archival sources. We are assessing the vision for BAP. This assessment may call for redefining the scope which may include a narrowed or an even more expansive scope based on gaps currently identified in the literature relating to black art. The goal in this reassessment is to determine how and in what way the Black Art Project might be better utilized and accessed for the upcoming decade, producing a more effective product to serve the needs of its followers, friends, and those with varying interests in black art. The blog has met its original intent of introducing viewers to upcoming art exhibitions, artists talks, reviews, and other auxiliary materials relating to visual culture. It is exciting to think of how we might move forward and grow the vision with a focus on the black visual arts.

For the past ten years, it has been a pleasure to bring you closer to the world of black art. Over that time span, there has been an increase in the breadth and depth of material available to readers relating to black art, so thank you for your support by reading the posts provided by BAP. We are most appreciative. Again, thank you.

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