Sunday, October 23, 2016

Artist Talk: Dread Scott

Video          Painting          Performance          Installation          Photography

Sculptural Pieces          Activist          Dream          Police Murder

Lynching          Exchange of Ideas          Archive  

"Art that talk about the world we live in"         

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Artists Talk: REMIX: The Documentary

REMIX: Themes and Variations in African-American Art          Will South       

Fahamu Pecou           Jonell Logan           Tarleton Blackwell        

Leo Twiggs            Michaela Pilar Brown           Juan Logan       

Damond Howard          Repurpose          Remixing vs. Appropriation   

Artistic License          Masking / Blackface          Dignity and Respect      

Signs, Symbols, Language           Targeted Man...a Part of Our Culture

Power and Vibrancy of African-American Art in American Culture                                                        
African-American Experience is the American Experience