Saturday, June 24, 2017

Terry Dixon: Kinetic Abstraction

Terry Dixon in his studio in Guangzhou, China 
Chicago based artist, Terry Dixon, is working on one of his most ambitious and critical new bodies of artwork to date in his art studio in China. Dixon is doing a three month artist residency in the city of Guangzhou, China. Terry is known for the combination of his photography work juxtaposed with his paintings and signature line creations, and intense colors, but this time around he just wants to focus on his line work, color, texture and patterns.

fig. 1: Terry Dixon, Kinetic Abstraction #1, 2017, mixed media on linen, 60" x 168". Photo by Terry Dixon.  

This 60" x 168" mixed media on linen (fig. 1) is one of Dixon's biggest paintings in his career to date. The painting will be the focal piece in his upcoming solo exhibition, Kinetic Abstraction, that will be opening in China on July 2, 2017
photo by Terry Dixon
at the Redtory Art and Design Factory. Kinetic Abstraction  is based  on the connectivity of lines, patterns and shapes. Kinetic means movement and the lines in the artwork create motion on the surface of the canvas. The lines, patterns and painted shapes are intertwined within each other, creating a maze structure to the viewer's eye. The mixed media techniques create a dynamic world of entry and exit points inside the surface of each art piece. When viewing each piece, there is something new that is seen within the different layers of the work because of the intricate creation of the line design. Artist Terry Dixon has a background in animation and his paintings show a heavy influence in his world of abstracted movement. A large portion of his abstract paintings are all intuitively created and are inspired by the rhythm of electronic and jazz music. His intuitive creations take you through a dynamic visual exploration of lines, patterns, colors, shapes and sound.  

DETAIL: Kinetic Abstraction #1
DETAIL: Kinetic Abstraction #1

DETAIL: Kinetic Abstraction #1

DETAIL: Kinetic Abstraction #1
The following images are the artist, Terry Dixon, completing artwork for his upcoming exhibition, Kinetic Abstraction, in Guangzhou, China. To learn and see more about artist Terry Dixon visit his website.

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