Saturday, January 11, 2014

Artists Talk: Abstractionists

          Encountering Expressionism       Abstract Artists       

  Ed Clark     Abstract Expressionism       Mel Edwards       Sam Gilliam       

 Howardena Pindell      Jack Whitten       Al Loving       Joe Overstreet      

Encountering Expressionism        Transforming Material

Expansion of Freedom          Flexibility of Thought        Jazz Idiom 

We See What We Don't See       Precision Becomes Boring

Color, Material, No Hidden Messages

Vocabulary Within Human Spirit That Crosses Boundaries


1 comment:

  1. The one thing I can truly say about abstract art and the black abstractionist is a very lonely journey traveling the path. What those artists stated in the short segments of the video's was very powerful comments and profoundly true! I was amazed with the continuity in their thoughts as it contained the exact sameness I seek in my contributions to art history. Specifically Jazz music and
    Fine Art, how I as a black abstractionist tell the stories from my perspective.
    It has always been a oneness the way I've experienced Jazz and abstract art. In my mind its a purpose to which I'm bound to forge the language of understanding between Jazz and Abstraction. The visual as you see it, the audio as you hear it, but more see, hear and feel the experience of the opposite disciplines engaged in the same journey of expression towards understanding.

    Thank you George for the fine work you contributed with your blog content of Black African American Abstractionists. There is so little attention given to this thirsty group, and I thoroughly appreciate the watering!