Friday, November 15, 2013

Piano Suite Series by Don Griffin

This audio-visual presentation and its accompanying text were prepared by artist Don Griffin. It pays homage to jazz pianists in general, and more specifically Roland Hanna.
"I recently discovered Roland Hanna's version of Chopin's classical composition, Prelude Op. 28, No. 20. I was enamored with hearing two jazz musicians, Roland Hanna with Ron Carter on bass, give their spin on Chopin. Also, this was a perfect time to integrate it with my visual element of the Piano Suite Series. Having very recently returned to art after major surgery, this music has opened a window which gives me a view of possibilities. I say this because I've been detached from the creative posture since the surgery, and I needed a vehicle to usher in my return to producing art. After all, audio-visual represents another art form. Music, in this case, a classical composition being interpreted through jazz, is an abstract work of art which relies upon the auditory senses for meaning and enjoyment. Incorporating my visual creations strengthen the music and vice versa. So, now we have two art forms entwined to enhance this thing we call art, and it further defines art...what it is and what it can be from my point of view."

The Piano Suite Series by Don Griffin will consist of approximately 50 pieces when it is completed. The image size is 5½" x 8" on 8½" x 11" Wausau 70 lb Royal Fiber Birch Abedul, made in USA.

If you are interested in seeing more of Don Griffin's works or need specific questions answered, leave a comment below or contact him at

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