Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NEW PAGE: Select Art Exhibitions in 2013

Black Art Project (BAP) Blog features a new page entitled Select Art Exhibitions in 2013 which will highlight African American exhibitions across the country. Notice the added tab heading at the top of the Blog. This page replaces the sidebar that once featured Select Art Exhibitions in 2013. There were increasing technical difficulties with the sidebar that brought about this change in format and presentation. This page, Select Art Exhibitions in 2013, will be updated regularly by either adding newly discovered exhibitions or removing those that are approaching their expiration date. Its intent is to provide comprehensive coverage of current exhibitions. Although the format has changed, the content and accessibility remains the same.  

BAP welcomes any information or leads that you might have relating to Black art exhibitions, particularly regional exhibitions that are not traditionally marketed on a national scale. BAP will verify the accuracy of any information submitted. Thank you for any assistance that you provide.

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