Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Artist and Influence Interviews at Hatch-Billops Collection

The Artist and Influence Spring 2011 interviews are scheduled for Sundays at 2:00 pm at the Hatch-Billops Collection, Inc. which is located at 491 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, New York. The admission is free; however, no one is allowed after 2:30 pm.

Spring 2011 Schedule:
  • David Fludd, Visual Artist, February 6
  • Javaka Steptoe, Author-Illustrator, February 13
  • Ann Tanksley, Visual Artist, March 6
  • Michael Cummings, Visual Artist, March 20
  • David Henderson, Poet, April 3
  • Jimmy Owens, Musician, April 10
  • Michael Simon, Visual Artist, May 15 

According to James Hatch, "the 2010 Artist and Influence (volume 29) annual serial will be ready for release by the end of February." If you are interested in receiving a copy, please remit $15.00 to the Hatch-Billops Collection at 491 Broadway, 7th floor, New York, New York 10012. For those individuals wishing to build or supplement their personal collections of Artist and Influence, the following issues are out of print: volumes I, II, III, IV, VIII, X, XI, XII, XIV, XXI and XXV; however, other older issues may be ordered directly from Hatch-Billops, Inc. It is my understanding that volume 30 (2011) will be the last issue.

Artist and Influence interviews can be "read on-line through the libraries...of subscribers via Alexander Street Press." The interviews are included in Alexander Street's Black Thought and Culture database. For BAP readers who are interested in reading the interviews, Meg Keller, Director of Marketing at Alexander Street Press has allowed me to share a user name and password to access them through March 2011. For access, follow this link:, and then insert the user name: trial and password: alexander when prompted. This is a great opportunity to share the Black Thought and Culture database with readers and I heartily thank the staff of Alexander Street Press for making this a reality.  

The Black Thought and Culture database "is a landmark electronic collection of approximately 100,000 pages of non-fiction writings by major American black leaders..., covering 250 years of history. ...It presents a great deal of previously inaccessible material, including letters, speeches, prefatory essays, political leaflets, interviews, periodicals, and trail transcripts."     

For further reading about the Hatch-Billops Collection, Inc., see: Emory University. As time permits, search the finding aid to the archival collection at Emory MARBL to discover a variety of materials relating to African American culture and art. 

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