Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing Black Art Project (BAP) Logo

Black Art Project (BAP) presents its logo designed by Derek Horton of Hortfolio Graphics of Washington, DC, see: http://www.hortfolio.com/. Derek listened, was sensitive and creative, as he delivered a product on time. For the past year or so, Black Art Project (BAP) has had a logo, waiting for an appropriate time to introduce it. This is an opportune time, as BAP moves forward with current and future-based projects that have included a redesign of the blog, and the eventual design of a Web site that should be introduced in the coming months; it is now more than appropriate that the logo become a recognized presence to represent the Black Art Project. The process of development, with the designer, was an  engaging and positive experience with lots of dialog, feedback, and interchange. For me, simplicity, color, class, and presence were crucial elements. Those elements had to have a strong, balanced image that would be easy to see and remember at a glance; as well as, easy to read and communicate clearly. Its tag line, "documents, supports, and promotes black art," will be that often repeated phrase associated with BAP.

In addition to its new look, the current redesign of the blog has some new added features. To the right of this post, you will see two of those features, Subscribe To  and Selected Black Art Exhibitions in 2010. Subscribe To offers the reader the option to receive email alerts about new posts or comments. Selected Black Art Exhibitions in 2010 provides links to further information on selected current exhibitions around the country. This feature will be updated as a current listed exhibition dates expire, and new exhibitions are identified.

Scroll to the bottom of the posts, and you will see other additional features: Share It and African American Arts Festivals in 2010. Share It allows the viewer to share the current page to Face Book or Twitter. African American Arts Festivals in 2010 provides links to festivals around the country that include a visual arts component. In all instances, the festivals are an annual affair. In some instances, the festival has occurred, but this list lets you chart a plan as the 2011 season approaches. When the final festival listed for 2010 has ended, this piece will be removed to welcome the 2011 season.

Other additions to the blog are planned for the near future.  


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