Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lillian Blades at the Cameron Art Museum: Artist Talk

This is the third in the Artist Talk series, featuring "A Conversation with Lillian Blades." Ms. Blades is one of three artists in the Cameron Art Museum's Recollection: The Past is Present exhibition that will be on view in Wilmington, North Carolina through June 20, 2010. Visit the Cameron Art Museum at:

"The exhibition connects the art work of Amalia Amaki, Beverly Buchanan, and Lillian Blades to the historical-tinged quilts by African American women in the exhibition. The use of textural materials, color, found objects, building shapes, and cultural images balance delicacy and strength while evoking the individualized stories and shared histories of the diaspora of African Americans, Africa, and the Caribbean."

A Conversation With Lillian Blades from Cameron Art Museum on Vimeo.

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