Monday, September 28, 2009

Nubian Clock

I have been asked on a number of occasions, what is the object in the picture that appears on your Blog? It's referred to as a Nubian clock. The picture shown at the right is a clearer image of the Nubian clock; a piece that I purchased during my long collecting period of black memorabilia; less time is now spent in that collecting field since I have been consumed by my love for collecting and documenting black art. However, the two collecting fields are so compatible, and I am always pleased when I see the number of visual artists who incorporate memorabilia into their artwork.

There is a companion piece to the clock that appears in the form of a television (t v) lamp; it has the same "Art Deco like" color theme and the same pose. They were designed whereby the two pieces face each other, creating a wonderful unit. Both pieces are at least sixty (60) years old, and are of equal fine condition for their age. They were purchased at different times, the lamp in Virginia and the clock in Kensington, Maryland about two years apart. As you can see, they are still being used and enjoyed.

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